Modernizing our Approach to Public Safety

Everyone deserves to live in a community that is safe, clean, and welcoming. I have worked on public safety policy at the city level and I believe that we need to modernize how our city deals with safety and health.  Research clearly shows that addressing violence and crime requires investment in communities. Our leaders have a responsibility to ensure that our city’s spending reflects  the most up-to-date research on violence prevention. As 48th Ward Alderman, I will invest in anti-violence programming, strengthen police accountability and community input on policing, and protect the right of our undocumented neighbors to live free from undue government harassment.  

1. Invest in data-driven violence prevention

  • Provide city funds for effective violence interruption organizations–such as READI Chicago–with a focus on enhancing social services for residents experiencing domestic violence.
  • Improve street lighting on corridors surrounding public transit stops.

  • Develop new nightly programming for teens during summer months 

2. Institute stronger oversight and accountability measures for police

  • The best way to address the root causes of violence is to work together as a community. Getting involved in decision-making about community policing, including advocating for community-based officers, is one immediate way that we can discourage police violence and ensure safety for every resident

  • I will push for the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) to have an independent and fully funded staff. 

  • I will work to ensure that the Empowering Communities for Public Safety Ordinance (ECPS) is fully implemented and work with our newly elected district councilors to engage the community and prevent crime. 

  • I am a proponent of the Chicago Police Consent Decree and will pursue rigorous enforcement of its terms. 

3. Expand alternatives to policing

  • For the past four decades, American cities have relied too heavily on police officers to do the work of strengthening our communities. As an Alderman, I will collaborate on efforts to develop and expand alternatives to policing, such as the mental health first responders program known as Treatment Not Trauma. The city ought to provide a robust assortment of emergency assistance programs instead of relying on police officers to solve every problem.

4. Strengthen Chicago’s position as a “welcoming city” for refugees and immigrants

  • I support ongoing efforts to make Chicago a city where immigrants, regardless of status, can safely work, raise a family, and live.

5. Bolster the Department of Public Health

  • The recent COVID-19 and Monkeypox outbreaks have exposed vulnerabilities in Chicago’s public healthcare infrastructure. I support investing in city-wide preparedness for future outbreaks, including money for updating communication systems and vaccine distribution. 

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