Providing A High-Quality
Education for Every Child

Schools are the backbone of our community. I am a product of the Illinois public school system and will fight to make sure that the children of the 48th Ward have access to fully-funded, fully-staffed schools. Beyond the issue of funding, I will work closely with school leaders and leverage office resources for school events. 

1. Aggressively surplus TIF funds

  • When we surplus TIF funds, we return non-allocated dollars to corresponding local bodies and prevent wasteful and opaque reallocation. A substantial portion of those dollars are returned to CPS. 

2. Collaborate with state legislators to secure additional funding for neighborhood schools 

3. Communicate regularly and directly with school leaders

  • I plan to be a hands-on leader by having resources available during important dates like back-to-school events and report-card pickups.
  • I will hold regular meetings with school leaders to stay up to date on how CPS and the city are coordinating resources.

4. Expand and enhance access to early childhood education

  • Children who have access to well-funded early education are 25% more likely to complete high school and 4x as likely to earn a bachelor’s degree. By failing to address our early childhood workforce crisis, we are failing the next generation of Chicagoans.
  •  I will push colleagues to establish progressive revenue sources (like the Payment in Lieu of Taxes program)  to invest in community-based providers and create more competitive benefits for early childcare workers. 

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