Maintaining Housing Affordability

Rapid increases in rents and ballooning property taxes lead to housing insecurity and the displacement of longtime members of our community. As Alderman Larry Svabek, I will work at the ward and city levels to provide assistance to our unhoused neighbors and ensure that the 48th ward remains a welcoming, affordable home for working and middle class Chicagoans.

1. Establish Community-Driven Zoning

  • All zoning and development proposals will be uploaded online for open comment as soon as they are received.  The Zoning and Development Advisory Council will host community meetings to solicit feedback and compose a report including an official recommendation which will be made public. 

  • I will also proactively seek input from neighborhood associations, social service providers, and our local chambers of commerce. 

2. Promote balanced development and protect affordable housing standards 

  • Work to ensure that new large developments include onsite family-sized affordable units. 

  • Promote adaptive reuse of ward’s historical buildings (repurposing and rehabbing).

  • Make permanent the Additional Dwelling Units Ordinance (ADU) so that landlords can convert basements and garages into livable units. 

  • Pursue the construction of 100% affordable housing developments and rehabs.

3. Pass Bring Chicago Home to provide an annual revenue source for our unhoused and homeless neighbors

  • Facing our financial challenges must include diversifying how we raise revenue. We need progressive alternatives that will allow us to reduce our property tax burden  as well as creative reforms that reduce inefficiencies in our spending. 

  • The Bring Chicago Home ordinance would increase the Real Estate Transfer Tax by 1.9 percentage points on properties that are sold for over one million dollars (estimated that 4.2% of properties would be impacted). The money generated would be legally dedicated to programs that allow Chicagoans to move off the streets and into permanent supportive housing. 

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